First things first.
We are a community who values the health of every child, every parent, and every family. It is because we take every precaution possible, and take care of one another, that we are able to open Piper and invite you to join. For more information about our safety measures and Piper Pods, visit Safer at Play.

Piper’s Philosophy
Developmental or Academic, right?  Yes, that’s the hot question… but only part of it. In terms of an educational philosophy, we created a blended approach that provides children with the best of both. Beginning with an emergent curriculum, children are gradually exposed to components of traditional education as they progress through the school. We think, we re-think, we create, and we listen.  We do what makes sense, and promise never to become complacent.

The Piper philosophy, however, extends beyond the curriculum. We love what we do, and put our hearts into every detail. Our administration consists of seven… three former parents, one current, one former teacher, an expert in our wide-spread community, and an all-star who had thirty years on us before we broke ground. As for our teachers, they are our village – the one it takes. And boy, are they amazing.

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Our transition program serves as a gentle entry to full-time preschool, while continuing to build our parent-to-school relationships. See below for details of our graduating schedule. Final stop… drop off.

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The first year of preschool reflects the principles of Reggio Emilia. As new materials are introduced, the curriculum adjusts along with the needs and interests of the children. But let’s all take a quick minute as we discuss the curriculum of a toddler. We could use all the fluffy rhetoric, but here’s the thing. Will we monitor milestones and track development? You betcha. Ultimately, though, this is a process – not a product. The real goal is for your child to build confidence, respect others, and have fun.

As children enter their second year of preschool, the framework is built upon our environment. Beginning with a child’s room and eventually taking things global, children dive into a variety of settings around the world. Each unit balances a progression towards school readiness with the flexibility for long-term projects and child-driven interests.



PreK, DK, TK, OMGK… Regardless of what you call it, it’s what you do that counts. The year before Kindergarten is an incredible time of growth. As we relish the innocence of preschool, we’re also propelling our children into a whole new world. It is our job to give them the tools to take it on with their heads held high. To best prepare them for a successful transition, our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to allow children to experience the setting of an elementary school. Click below to find out how and why we do what we do.

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