parent & me


Enrichment Classes
Enrichment classes, such as music, messy art, and tinker time meet 1x/week for about 45 minutes. These are a great way to get to know our school, and get you out of the house. Parents and/or caregivers are welcome.

Parent & Me
The opening act, the first date, the welcome wagon…this is where the Piper family begins. Our parenting groups meet 1x/week for 75 minutes and take place in our baby-toddler room. Join us this Winter for 10 weeks of classes, led by our local parenting experts. As  licensed counselors and experienced parents, they not only bring wisdom and resources, but also support and partnership for the journey. Children play, parents talk, friendships form, and we all come together for a closing circle. Come join us!
– Classes are 75 minutes.  
– Parent discussion, topics rotate weekly.
– Children explore a variety of materials.
– Families enrolled are given priority for preschool admissions… especially if we like you.


Sample Class Topics: 
– Work Life Balance: How do we juggle it all?
– Sleep: Is anyone getting any?
– Toilet Learning: Wipes, Dipes, and Woopsie Doodles 
– Sharing is caring… or is it?: Let’s talk about taking turns.
– Reliable Information: How routines foster a sense of security. 
– Setting Limits: It’s ok to say “no.”
– Attachment: Not just a parenting theory.   
– Speech: Let’s talk about it.

Two-Day Toddler Program
Is your child ready for preschool… but not ready for preschool? Or maybe they are, but you aren’t? This program is a year long class that meets every Tuesday and Thursday, and includes a discussion group as well as a variety of enrichment activities such as studio art, tumbling, and science. Both days take place in our toddler classroom and end with a circle time. Families enrolled are guaranteed admission into our preschool. Next stop… drop-off. Welcome to Piper!

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 class options and enrollment. Can’t wait to meet you.