On the playground is where we spend most of our days.

The first year of preschool is based on an emergent curriculum. As new materials are introduced, the projects adjust along with the needs and interests of the children. But let’s all take a quick minute as we discuss the curriculum of a toddler. We could use all the fluffy rhetoric… but here’s the thing. Will we monitor milestones and track development? You betcha. Ultimately, though, this is a process – not a product. The real goal is for your child to build confidence, respect others, and have fun.

As children enter their second year of preschool, the framework is built upon our environment. Beginning with a child’s room and eventually taking things around the world, children dive into a variety of habitats. Formal programs such as Letterland are also woven in, as each unit balances a progression towards school readiness with the flexibility for long-term projects and child-driven interests.