Our Toddler Program is also available for those of you whose children are ready for preschool… but not ready for preschool. It is a year long class that meets twice a week and includes a discussion day, as outlined in the Parent & Me class description, as well as a second day where Piper teachers introduce all the cool stuff such as studio art, tumbling, and science. Both days take place in our toddler classroom and end with a circle time. Can’t make it to both? Caregivers are welcome to attend on Thursdays. Families enrolled are guaranteed admission into our preschool, and typically transition to a classroom the following year. Children play, parents talk, friendships form. Next stop… drop-off. Welcome to Piper!


Classes meet 1x/week for 75ish minutes. Each class takes place in our baby-toddler room and includes a variety of materials, such as water play, sand, dress-up, and more. As children continue exploring with our teachers, parents are given time to discuss topics of interest with our Child Development Specialist. Families enrolled are given priority for preschool admissions… especially if we like you.


Our sibling class is for our second, third, fourth, (fifth?) time parent. Each class includes a discussion on relevant topics for those juggling a crew.

Let’s be real… 4:45pm is still a pretty sweet work schedule. But aside from offering night school, we’d really like to show you some love and hope you’re able to join. Our evening class offers relevant discussion topics to those of you finding a balance between work and parenthood.


Click below for additional class options and enrollment. Can’t wait to meet you!


Classes, such as music and messy art, also meet 1x/week for about 45 minutes. These are a great way to get to know our school, and get ya out of the house.

Toddler Music… need we say more? Each week, we get a little bit louder now with new songs, musical styles, and various instruments.

Designer duds discouraged. We do everything you don’t want to do at home. Get ready to get messy as we explore new materials. Each session includes supplies and guaranteed smiles.


Click below for additional class options and enrollment. Can’t wait to meet you