• Bluebell Enrichment | December 2 - March 6

  • Saws, drills, hammers, and chewing tobacco* your children will learn about various tools and safety while creating a class project. *Chewing tobacco just means that they'll be listening to Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson... more of a metaphorical mouthful.
  • Move over, bacon. Whether it’s to build mazes, legomobiles, mountains, or even submarines, our future Frank Lloyd Wrights will be learning perspectives, foundations, and structural buildings… all through the land of Legos.
  • Screentime might not be the universal favorite but who doesn’t love Skee-Ball? From arcade classics to yo-yos and race cars, these little hands will create their very own toys. Patents pending.

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  • We'll stay off of the uneven bars for now but James will be introducing your child to all sorts of tricks on our tumbling mats and balance beam. No helmet necessary - it's just an inch or two high. For now.
  • Had enough googly eyes, glitter, and pom-poms adorning your fridge? Let's start taking this art thing a little more seriously. Whether it be introduction to clay, watercolor, acrylics, oils, or mixed media, these masterpieces will be ready for eBay. Line, shape, form, value, space, color, texture… all the usual suspects will be discussed and applied.
  • Not everyone was Kung Fu fighting. They were also doing Wushu, Quanfa, and Capoeira. Children will learn a bit about the disciplines of each and the history of their origin. Wax on, wax off.
  • Take me out to the plaaayground. No peanuts at this park, but we've got all the right moves. Throwing, catching, kicking, and more, join us on the field. We built one... so come.
  • Put on your lab coats as we explore the ingredients to make slime with unique colors, textures, and consistencies - fluffy slime, sandy slime, glittery slime, heat sensitive slime, and so many more. It’s going to be the mess your children crave. Best part: It’s not in your home.

    There are no options available for this field.

  • Drop and gimme ten. From soccer to taekwondo to perhaps a little zumba, our little fitbits will be in perfect shape for the weekend. Cardio is hardio.
    NOTE: All fees have been prorated in accordance with the date of enrollment.
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