Separate Ways

It’s Spriiiiiiiing Breeaaaaaak!

I know. It’s not like I’m 20 and headed to Daytona to do beer funnels at Penrods (is that place still there?) with a bunch of college kids so maybe I need to simmer. In fact all my college Spring Break stories are fraught with misadventure more than memories. The first time my friends and I went to Ft. Lauderdale my sophomore year we were immediately taken advantage of by the rental car guy who talked us into ungrading to a Camaro convertible. Red. Awesome. But expensive enough so that we had to forego our hotel room. Seemed like a reasonable trade-off at the time… until night 3 of sleeping in lounge chairs around some hotel pool with the geckos and cat-sized cockroaches. Eh, live and learn, right?

So Spring Break. I’m excited. Nothing too crazy planned, a little Spring skiing in Colorado (the only state with real snow, seemingly). While vacations used to be a test of my kid’s ability to be flexible and tolerant of new surroundings, it’s now more about growth. He’s 7 and trips to the airport are commonplace to him. Sleeping in strange places? I think we’re on top of that too. Nowadays I love seeing him gain new independence – confidence, really — in unfamiliar settings, learning to thrive when he’s completely outside his normal routine. We’ll drop him at ski school on the first day and he’ll walk right up to the instructor with a quick wave goodbye and barely a second look back. A couple days on the slopes and he’ll be sharing his knowledge of the trail and lift names and bragging about his ability to ski a black diamond better than I can (and he’ll be right).

Enjoy the break. Whether you stay or go it’s nice to shake up the routine a bit, right? Stay in PJs a littler later than usual, and make a cocktail a littler earlier, it’s Spring Break…