Social Daisy Chain

It would seem that January is a very fertile month for various enrichment programs to begin.  I seem to see them popping up all over.  It makes me happy to know that there will be so many options available for the kids in our community.  Well done local preschools, well done.

Speaking of me being happy, we will be bringing on Randi Abramowitz to run our Parenting Program in February.  I’m not really sure how to express the love and adoration I have for this woman, but she’s going to be a great addition to the Piper family.  We’re really excited to bring her on board.  She’s got so many great ideas… and lucky for us, we now have the space to implement.

Also, there seems to be some confusion about our admissions policy.  Just so we’re all on the same page… if you enroll in our Parenting Program, you’ll be offered a spot in our Preschool.  Easy.  Of course, if you end up being a momzilla, we’ll promptly help enroll you somewhere else.  Curb kicker.

If you’re following our Twitter feed (and let’s all be honest with ourselves… you should at least be clicking on it every once in a while… and no, you don’t have to have an account to see the social awesomeness of our feed), then you know I’ve been feverishly installing wiring for our music system.  Bought what I thought would be plenty of wiring for the entire building… I got the 3rd floor and part of the 2nd done to turn around and see empty wiring boxes.  Ordered more wiring last Friday.  Showed up tonight.  What I can say is that this system is going to sound pretty, pretty, pretty, perfect.  For all of you Sonos/Sound geeks out there, you might know that each box powers 4 speakers, but only two channels.  This makes daisy-chaining weird because the room will sound lop-sided… especially when listening to the Beatles when they were mixing albums on LSD.  Point being, the daisy-chaining happened in an “X” rather than straight, so the sound will be full and balanced… yeah, I care.  And those days when Helen decides to ramp up Sgt. Pepper, it won’t sound like you’re sitting in a tunnel.

The 3rd floor is one-sided with drywall.  All rough plumbing and electrical are done up there.  We’ll be insulating and drywalling the other side this week… thus, my hurried speaker wire install.  Same goes for the 2nd floor.  Structural footings were inspected and poured… and then inspected again.  Beams are being made.  Joists are being hung.  Fire blocking is now going throughout the hallways.  We were approved on some fire rating stuff… boring specifics.  Sprinklers are now all over the place.  HVAC footings are all built and patched on the roof.  Units should be in soon.  All the big trenches we made outside for the plumbing are now ready to be poured.  The front area is all chewed up and ready for concrete.  Our playground wall footing is done and being set.  The trash dumpster got a new house.  Flooring guys are coming in soon to prep the floors.  Cabinets are spec’d out.  Countertops have been spec’d.  Low-voltage wiring guys came out today to begin.  Alarm company comes out on Wednesday to begin.  Doors were cut out for the Parenting Program.  And so on, and so on.  Things are looking really good.  Full steam.  January 13th.

Crystal has now gotten 17 days closer to completing her playground design… even met with a guy today who designed the one at… you know what?  You’ll have to just wait and see.  If it’s half as good as I can imagine, it’ll be the most amazing space for little ones.

For those of you who showed up at our Meet & Greet, there might be a little confusion on the correct address to send your application.  Our fault.  We were so proud of our self-addressed envelopes, that we forgot that the address really isn’t effective yet.  The correct address for any mail is our mailing address: 1507 7th Street, Suite 254, Santa Monica, CA  90401.  Our apologies if you’re getting your mail returned.  And yes, we’re not using those envelopes anymore.  And yes, that person got fired… no, not really.

Unfortunately, we can’t have you all walking around the construction site all by your lonesome.  So, stop it :)  If you want to see what’s going on,  just give us a call or email and we’ll schedule something.  Easy as that.  We’re more than happy to show you around.  We just need to be there.  Thanks so much.

Check out our Twitter.  Our Facebook is getting better… and people are sharing… thank you.  Keep the buzz going.  If you need a stack of our little cards to give out to your favorite friends (those who you’d vouch for if your kid’s Ivy League enrollment depended on it), let us know… we have lots.  We’re hearing a lot of good things going around town.  Always good to hear.  I don’t know that I’ll ever stop thanking you all for the support and confidence you show for our passion and commitment to this community.  Thank you.  Don’t stop.