Soggy Emoticon

Well… (17 second pause and 2 ujjayi’s) we did it.  Piper is off and running.  I’d love to just end this blog there, but there are so many words trying to make their way to my fingertips.  I’d like to thank the academy.  What just happened?  Lease signed in late July.  Doors opened in mid January.  Oh.  My.  Damn.  I’m not even entirely sure how each piece came together so quickly.  Such a blur.  Maybe time to leave our phones on the nightstand and fly to Fiji for a month.  Who’s in?

Today was our official first day of classes for the 1st year students.  We were lucky to have Randi (our Parenting Program Queen Bee) around to help with transitions.  They were eerily smooth.  A few tears here and there, but nothing major.  So good.  Last week, we opened our doors to the older kids… who were like little professionals going to their new job.  Seamless.  Really pretty great to see all of the smiles, high-fives, and good morning hugs again.  That’s been missed.  One of our Johnnies even asked to come out of class to find me… and give me a bite of his soggy cracker.  Yeah, I did.

The playground flooring was finished today… in spite of both our architect and me walking all over it before it was dry.  Shoes still sticky.  Looks great, though.  We were measuring out the adjacent parking lot for striping today.  Realized the landscaping architects might have overkilled the plans a tad.  Re-figuring tomorrow and cutting it up later this week.  All of our door handles are getting swapped out.  The 3rd floor is almost done with flooring and baseboards and we’ll be opening that side within a couple of weeks.  Anyone want to sell a pool table?  Fooseball?  Jenga?  Galaga arcade?  Yeah, that’s going to happen.  They’re installing roof screens to cover up the hideous (not that hideous, but building and safety said normal passers-by shouldn’t have to look at them) HVAC units.  Handrails are complete on the outside.  They’re finishing the inside in the next few days.  Painting the patch-work outside, the doors and windows inside, and steel stuff this week.  The appliances on the 3rd are going in this week and we’ll be hosting a double-oven-bake-off soon.  Prep your cobbler recipes.  Blinds come in this week.  Helen gets a new desk on the 10th.  Seriously considering a high-dive for the underground pool.  Phone is up with an official phone number… we even have voicemail now.  And I think we even know how to check messages, but I’m not promising anything.  Check out the Contact page for new info.  We also got rid of the 1507 address… because we don’t need it anymore… yeah, that’s right.

Blogs for each class will be going up later this week.  Jayson and I slaved over templates today to find the perfect one.  If you end up not liking it, please don’t say anything.  We’re both very fragile and sensitive about it.  If you love it, by all means…

As I said earlier, Enrichment classes have started and today they came out of the gate running… with blue paint all over everything.  Couldn’t be more perfect.  Parenting classes start next week… nearly full already… so crazy.  We’re hosting our first Play Partner event in February with Imagination Playground… more info to follow soon.

Follow us on Twitter.  We had 27,000+ people see our last Facebook post, so Zucker gets to keep his job… for now.  No one has found the website Easter Eggs therefore, no prizes have been given out.  Shame.

If you’re interested in having a free cup of coffee and/or string cheese (and maybe a tour while you’re here), call or email Helen.  Between touring 3 stories twice a day and jumping rope during her 5 minute lunch break, her shortness of breath is getting less and less noticeable.  You should mention it… she loves the attention.

I’m sure at some point you’ll get tired of me reflecting on life, love, compassion, and all the other heady things that come along with opening Piper.  When that time comes, find yourself a new blog (insert *wink, but not with an emoticon because that’s too vulnerable).  I say that with all the headiness I can muster.  This trip of creating Piper has been a wild one and honestly, keeping this blog has been a through-line for us.  It’s been a rock through the stresses and a beacon for our opening this past week.  I don’t know that I realized how many people were keeping up with us, but it seems everyone who walks through our doors knows all about us through this blog.  That’s a pretty great feeling.  Thank you for following us.  Thank you for the good words.  Thanks for giving a bit of reason to the last 6 months of insanity.  Seeing all of the kids in our building makes it all worthwhile.  This community is already something special and we’re technically only a day in.  Amazing kids.  Amazing parents.  Amazing teachers.  The vibe is back.  This is who we are.  This is why we’re here.  Welcome home.  Don’t stop.