Still They Ride

We all feel it. Once Spring Break is behind us it means summer is looming. Time to figure out camps, hotels and flights, summer visits with grandma and grandpa. All that. I’m thinking it’s time my kid got a summer job. He’d be a big help at a doggie daycare. Not with feedings or with dog walking, or grooming — he’s no good at any of that. I’m thinking mental torture is his specialty. He could condition the dogs to sustain long periods of erratic behavior in children. They could dress him up in one of those padded suits the police use when they’re training their attack dogs. I’m sure they make them for 7-year-olds.

Despite the longer days and stronger sunrays, there are still surprises and compromises aplenty around here. Things are really moving along nicely. Today the kids welcomed Mr. Parker and his guitar, back for another round of music. Everyone around here less than 40” tall treats him like a celebrity. So darned cute.

I’ve got some reminders to share.

Piper will be closed next Friday, April 18.

And I’m happy to remind everyone that our Baby2Baby drive starts this Monday, April 14! I’m listing their donation list again in case you missed it the first time (see below). If you’d like to fill out a donation receipt for use with your tax return, there’s a stack of them on the credenza in the Piper entryway.

Baby2Baby supplies families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for their children up to age 12. By distributing new and gently used items to over 50 non-profit organizations, Baby2Baby reaches over 67,000 children in 2013. At the bottom of this post you’ll find more details about donating to Baby2Baby.

Please ensure that your donations are in excellent condition. We hope that you donate only what you would feel comfortable seeing your own baby or family member use. Nothing stained, dirty, with missing parts, etc. If you would like to donate a gently used car seat, please complete our safety form and submit it with your donation.

Baby2Baby is happy to accept the following NEW and VERY GENTLY USED items:

All Clothing (for ages 0-12 years)


Beds (toddler & twin)

Blankets & Bedding


Bottles & other feeding supplies

Car Seats


Craft supplies

Diapers & Wipes


Formula & Baby Food

High Chairs

Hygiene Products (shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)

Infant Carriers

Infant Tubs

Maternity Clothes


Nursing Bras & Breast Pumps (New only)


Safety Items

School Supplies

Shoes (for ages 0-12)

Sleep Sacks & Swaddles

Socks & New Underwear


Stuffed Animals (New only)

Swings & Bouncy Seats

Toys (with batteries)

Special Notes:

* In order to insure the safety of the children who receive your goods, please be sure that the items you donate are in perfect working order. We are unable to repair damaged items.

* If your items contain instruction manuals, please include where appropriate.