Thanksgiving to Super Bowl

As with most trends, I’m late to the game.  My Nintendo was a hand-me-down from an Estate Sale.  Kids of our own are still just a thought.  I got a Furby a year after they came out.  I didn’t think laser discs were cool until vintage-laser-disc shops started popping up all over East Tennessee.  Guns N’ Roses was about the only thing that kept me current, but looking back, I see the irony of my ways with that specific example.  And so goes my relationship with Twitter.  It’s been around for years, but I hadn’t bought in.  I’ve appropriately experienced each stage of dismissal… because it didn’t make sense, it was a fad, or I’m not young enough.  If you’re over 32, this might hit home.  I folded.  It’s pretty great.  So much so that most of which would end up here, ends up there.  All the more reason to follow us on Twitter.  With a click of a button, we’re in front of over 20K people… then 30K… then 40K.  Newspapers have picked us up.  Blogs have blogged about us.  Charities have tweeted.  Tweeters tweet.  Our website numbers spike every time something happens.  Our website has been seen in 20 different countries.  People are seeing what we’re up to within a few seconds.  Point is, I’m always posting things on Twitter now.  While late to the game, I’m now on the field.  Let’s play.  Don’t hate.

Had a great week at the building.  All of our inspections passed with flying colors.  There are always little things to correct, but it’s all good stuff.  Insulation went in.  The second side of walls went up in the 3rd and 2nd story of the North building.  Ceilings caps were installed… doubled for fire.  Screw inspection is next, then we’ll mud and tape the walls.  HVAC guys come in and start hanging ducting down the hallways this week.  Most of their work on the roof is complete.  We poured all of the concrete to cover up the plumbing downstairs.  Finishing the framing work on the 1st level of the North building.  Putting our steel beams in the South building.  Joists will be next.  We’re doing some voluntary lateral work for seismic coverage, too.  Wobbly buildings aren’t our thing.  Paint and flooring should be fairly soon on the 3rd and 2nd floors.  Starting to rough in plumbing and electric on the South building this coming week.  We made some doors out of windows in the Parenting Program room for outside access.  Crystal is planning and re-planning the playground… might actually be done now… we don’t talk about it.  It’s better that way.

Yesterday, Crystal and I shut down the website for a good 8 hours reorganizing our thoughts.  Printed out every single page of the website, started making notes, took it to lunch, made more notes, growled at each other, gave a few stink-eyes, changed it around, and again, and again, re-worked it… and finally launched it again around 5pm (www.piperpreschool.com).  Go check it out.  Tell a friend.  The idea was to make it a little more clear.  We have programs that start in January that are kinda different from the programs that start in September.  We also have programs for little ones enrolled at other preschools.  We are also guaranteeing placement into our preschool with Parenting Program enrollment.  Yeah, let’s say that again… and maybe bold it.  We are also guaranteeing placement into the Preschool with Parenting Program enrollment.  So, that’s a thing.

Our Meet & Greet was so popular last month, that we’re getting heckled to do it again.  Another form is available on our website to sign up.  It will be on December 5th at 1pm.  Depending on how many of you RSVP, we’ll either have it at Helen’s, The Luxe again, The Wiltern, Hollywood Bowl, or Staples Center… although Staples is being difficult about Helen’s rider.

You can sign up for the Meet & Greet 2.0 by clicking here.  I think Oprah might be there giving away Pontiacs… just saying.

The holiday season is in full swing at our house already.  Crystal has a rule:  Thanksgiving to Super Bowl.  It has begun.

Follow us on Twitter… no, really.  Thanks to all of you who already are and have been RTing.  Start showing all of your FB friends our Facebook.  “Like” us if you really like us… if not, press on.  If you want to meet the Piper Family and hear about our school, be sure to sign up for the Meet & Greet.  Mark your calendars for the first day of school… January 13th.