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Piper’s Philosophy
Developmental or Academic, right?  Yes, it’s the hot question… but what does it mean?  We created a blended approach that provides children with the best of both worlds.  In the early years at Piper, children experience an emergent curriculum.  As they get older and progress through the school, children are introduced to a traditional approach.  We think, we re-think, we create, and we listen.  We do what makes sense, and promise never to become complacent.

Parenting & Me | 6 months – 2.5 years
Parents join in a group setting with their child… kids play, parents talk, friendships form. Classes are divided into a 4-month age range and meet once per week, offering experiences for your child and opportunities for you to talk about topics of concern and interest.  The Parenting Program is designed to allow you and your child to get to know the school, the setting, and the teachers, before transitioning into the preschool.  This is where the Piper family begins.

Enrichment classes such as Music and Messy Art for infants and toddlers are also available. This is a great way to get to know our school, and begin your preschool journey. Caregivers are welcome.

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Preschool | 2 years – 4.3
Part-time enrollment is offered to children who don’t quite make the cut-off for our five-day program, but are rarin’ to go.  Children attend two or three days per week, including both independent preschool and one session of the parenting program.  Priority is given to siblings of current Piper kids.

Five-day preschool is available for children who are 2.6(ish).  Kids experience the best of both worlds as we focus on a blended philosophy.  Beginning with aspects of an emergent curriculum, children gradually experience components of traditional education as they progress through the school.
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Pre-Kindergarten | 4.4 – Kindergarten
Their final year is our Pre-Kindergarten program.  Classes are divided by development and age, and are designed for kindergarten readiness.  For more info, click here.
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