Top Secret Clearances

On Friday, I signed the last set of manifestos for the dumpster bins.  While I was there, the testing guy showed up with his case and high-tech equipment.  He got suited up and went to testing.  Got a call later that day that the 2nd and 3rd story clearances had come in.  They tested the 1st floor on Saturday… all clear.  After the GLOW event (where we were pressed to find much that glowed, ironically), we took a midnight walk through the building… smart phone flashlights abound… otherwise pitch black.  Gonna make for a great haunted house next year.  Anyway, there’s still lots to demo.  Thought they might be taking most of it out.  Turns out they only take what they needed to.  Bummer.  Still okay on our schedule so far.  Nighttime on the roof is pretty amazing.  Going up there the night after we open our doors will be a great feeling.  Lots to overcome.  Lots to be proud of… even now.

Monday, we’ll have our demo guys back in there taking the rest of the junk out.  Lots of framing, conduit, ducting, tile, etc.  Our toxic bins head out on Tuesday… good riddance.

Finally got the signature we needed to officially be able to put a preschool in that building.  We’ve known unofficially for a while, but those pesky water/sewer/trash bills need a Planning Dept. signature.

We have an unofficial first day breakfast tomorrow… at a top secret location… where top secret items will be discussed… and top secret breakfast casserole recipes will be shared.

Got to the episode in Arrested Development where Buster’s hand gets bitten off by the seal.  I’m ranked #1 in my fantasy league.  Had a great visit with the in-laws this weekend.  Installed a new vanity, sink, and faucet with my father-in-law in our guest bathroom.  Discovered crab-stuffed tater tots.  Could it get any better?  I’m not so sure.

If you’re interested, sign up for The Luxe Meet & Greet.  Hope you had a great weekend.  Big week ahead.