This page reflects tuition fees and program hours for the 22/23 school year. To ensure the highest quality of care and education, each spot is exclusively yours. We do not offer alternative schedules or prorate individual attendance, but you are welcome to come and go as you please.

Baby-Toddler | 6 weeks - 2 years

  • Baby Program
    1x per week | $2,800 per year
  • Toddler Program
    1x per week | $2,800 per year
  • Toddler Two Day
    2x per week | $5,500 per year*
  • Baby & Toddler Enrichment Classes
    1x per week | $550 per session

*Guarantees Preschool Placement

Preschool Programs

Age ranges refer to your child’s age in September. Don’t be sneaky.

Transition | 1.7ish - 2.2ish years

3 days per week
9am-12pm* | $13,200 per year 


* For details on our Poppy transition program, please click HERE

Preschool & Pre-K | 2 years+

Monday – Friday
9am-2:30pm | $24,600 per year 


  • Early Drop-off
    8:30am | complimentary 
  • Extended Care
    2:30pm-5:30pm | $20 per hour
  • Enrichment Classes
    2:30pm-3:30pm | $550 per session 

Additional Programming

Nikki Sixx One-On-One Bass Guitar Lessons

8pm-8:20pm | $2,082,550

Mitch Hedberg’s Stand-Up Lessons

10pm-4am | $492,550

College Prep

11pm-3am | $350,550


If, while on your tour, you happen to go into labor and deliver your child AT Piper, we will televise it on our Facebook Live feed, and tuition is waived.