Unfortunate Block Party

I write this entry with a heavy heart.  Got the unfortunate news today that we’re not going to be able to open Piper, PC free.  The software for our record keeping has to run on Windows.  Crystal and I are grieving.  I knew the chances were good, but today was the day.  We’ve narrowed it down to Dell, Sony, or Samsung.  Please, no flowers.  It’s a sad day for all of us.

Decided on how to do our front entrance today.  We’ll have a secret gate for a secret knock.  That’ll lead you into a vine-covered walkway and end up in a Labyrinth-inspired Muppet-maze.  All ADA accessible.  Helen will be dressed like David Bowie throughout.  The stairs are another story.  We’re just pouring concrete.

Rough plumbing starts for real for real on Monday.  We ran into some problems saw cutting for the drains… like running into building footers (for those of you who don’t know, footers hold up the building).  Now, we’re planning around that so the building doesn’t fall over because of where we want our toilets.  Shoring has begun on the walls we’re taking out.  A new wall is being configured in the playground.  The trash bin area is in the early stages of demolition.  Most of the gates over there are gone, so if you wanna go tag the building with your gang sign, now’s the time.  They’re going to be cutting out quite a bit of concrete, too.  That should be fun for the neighbors.  Block Party!

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Playing the 5 year old again in Fantasy Football this week.  He’s already 30 points up… and talking smack.  Good thing he lives in San Francisco.  I’m just saying.

Went to Staples to print our structural drawings… 2 hour wait… so, I didn’t.  Instead, I left the files and I took a break from it all.  Went to Palisades Park.  Even found a lucky penny right below the gate where I just happened to walk up.  I looked around for more, because it was too coincidental.  Nope.  Something’s right.  Pretty amazing city we live in.  Very lucky to be where we are… in so many ways.  Having dinner with friends tonight.  Friends, family, and your word.  That’s all that really matters.  Shoulders back.  Chin up.  Pressing on.