Wildflowers & Fonts

So much goodness… not sure where to start.  We had our 1st annual holiday party this past week.  Really nice to have our team together again.  Dinner was great.  The company was great.  We all packed up at the end and went for a walk through Candy Cane Lane to see the lights.  Some of us got lost… some of us didn’t.  You know who you are.  We handed out our very first teacher/grown-up gear, too.  We made sweatshirts that match our kid’s shirts.  Check it out on the Twitter feed here.  This first year is going to be great.  The family that is Piper has already begun.  I feel proud.  Such a good group.

Today, our post office sent us a “box is full” warning about the amount of mail we’re getting.  We had gotten the mail yesterday.  Really really good problems to have.  Filled up in a day.  Crazy.  I think there was one bill in there… the rest applications.  Something is definitely going on.  The holidays?  Do people freak out about preschool during the holiday season?  Again, good problems.

This past week, we mailed out a little gift to some local kids.  You might have gotten one, so don’t go tearing through your mail throwing everything out.  They’re wildflower seeds for your family to plant around town… or in your yard… or in a pot for the living room… or in an old tub at the landfill.  We have lots left over, so if you wanna pack just let us know.  If you have use for a stack of them, by all means… they’re yours.

Today was a pretty big day for us at the building.  I was off talking to the General Contractor about a few things and up walked the Foreman spitting sunflower seed shells.  He just winked and smirked, “We got it.”  “We got it?” asked the GC.  “Approved on everything.”  High-fives made it around to me.  We had just passed all of our rough inspections.  The inspector doesn’t come back now until we’re all done.  Now is time for energy drinks, a cold shower, a good sniff of smelling salts, and a dead sprint to the ribbon.  We’re so close I can taste it.  The 3rd floor is nearly done now.  The 2nd is all ready for paint.  The 1st is being mudded.  The flooring goes in soon.  The kitchens and classroom cabinets go in a week from today.  All of the outlets and switches are in.  The plumbing fixtures go in next week.  We’ve only lost 2 speaker wires in the drywall installation… that’ll be fun fishing out later.  We knocked out our front walkway to make it 100% accessible.  You’d think we could bend a bit having 4 other exits… nope.  Now we have 5.  Today, we cleared out the back wall to make our ADA parking space and the loading zones (AKA the auctioned parking spaces).  That was a mess and half with all the rain this morning.  We were also jack-hammering out an entire walkway between the buildings.  If you’ve ever been to a dirt track to watch racing (as I would imagine the majority of you reading this have done… no, no… wait, reverse that), then you could almost imagine how loud the engine running the said jack-hammer was.  We might as well have parked a NASCAR in the parking lot and ran it at 7000 rpm for 6 hours.  I’m sure our neighbors hate us.  If you’re a neighbor reading this (and I know there are a few), my apologies.  Kids screaming at our 4am drop-off time won’t be nearly as loud.  Also, our NAS-HAMMER won’t be there for much longer.  Saw cutting for the playground begins on Monday… again, my apologies.  Soon enough.  Press on.

We’ve maxed out a few shopping carts online.  And the lists grow daily.  And I check budgets daily.  The teachers are putting together an amazing curriculum for January.  It’s really nice seeing how this is such a collaborative effort.  The ideas are flowing.  No egos.  No insecurities.  Nothing to prove.  Just brilliant people with brilliant ideas.

If you haven’t seen our Enrichment Programs, check them out here.  They are for kids enrolled at Piper, but also for kids going to preschool somewhere else, too… or home preschooled for that matter… or just kids that you want to get out of the house so you can take a nap.  We’re enrolling for the Parenting Program, the Preschool, and Enrichment now.  For those of you sending in your 3rd week sonograms, you’re too late.  Sorry.  No, come on.  Stop it.  You’re fine.  Plus, we’re hosting a wall-of-sonograms awards ceremony in late June.  And you’re in the running.

Today, we finished our licensing application.  We’ll be handing it over to the State tomorrow.  I have to say, if I were a licensing analyst, I’d hug us and just sign over the license immediately.  As some of you might know, we are hyper-nerdy with paper, fonts, images, spacing, etc.  Yeah, it matters… it matters.  Our last licensing application got used as an example for other analysts to see.  This one might just rewrite the licensing book.  If you ever find yourself needing anyone to fill out a preschool licensing application for California, just say the word.  I know people… who know people… who know good fonts… and a few who don’t.

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I’ve been getting a lot of confirmations lately about how simple living life should be.  A video here, an email there, a story, a book, etc.  The other day, Crys and I walked up to Baja Fresh for lunch.  As we were eating, I saw something pretty great happen over her shoulder.  A blind man had walked in feeling his way around the ramp, the door, and the signs for the line.  He wasn’t there 3 seconds before a young girl working the register walked out, took him by the arm, and led him to her machine.  I could see her reading him the menu.  She took his order, counted his money, and gave him change.  She stepped back out from behind the counter and led him to a seat outside, opening the door for him.  She got him a drink and brought out his food.  My eyes welled up a bit.  Everyone should live with that much care.  Everyone should live with that impulse to help others.  That’s simple.  That’s a connectedness that will circulate a lifetime.  Blindness is just a metaphor for people who might need us, if even for a moment.  We should all be so lucky to be able to give as much as we take.  I do think things happen for a reason.  I do think we are more aware at times when we need it.  I have never been so aware of my purpose as I have been for the past 6 months.  These little reminders keep letting me know I’m in this… because I’m supposed to be.  Live simply.  Love deeply… no matter who needs your help.  If even for a moment.  Don’t stop.