Woodwork & Wildfire

Really great turn out for the Meet & Greet today.  Always nice to see new faces.  Always nice to see the ones we know, too.  I think we’ve now given away all of our honey, so enjoy.  If you’re new to the honey stuff, Crystal’s dad makes it.  Yeah, like a real beekeeper.  He bottles it for us when we start new preschools.  Every time.  Maybe a second order is in order.  Oh, also… I need to start a catering company.  Who’s in?  The price margin is enough for us all to be vacationing in Maui weekly.  Just saying.  Listen, I’m a food expert.  We can do this.

Can’t say this enough, but we’re both really excited to show you all what we’re doing.  Seeing it all come together is pretty amazing.  The steel beams being in place has really opened up the South building off of Arizona.  We’re finally able to frame up some walls now and they’re going up like wildfire.  Rough plumbing and electric are almost done already.  Drywall goes up soon.  Speaker wire is being installed… not by me this time.  Low voltage is now running through to the South building.  We’re headed out tomorrow with paint swatches to get that started.  Baseboards go in soon.  I guess you know you’re in the thick of it when you wake up having dreamt about a new nail gun safety loader.  Yeah, that happened this morning.  It was made of rubber and screwed in the top, where it’s pressed against the current nail, but also prevented back pressure to eliminate injury if/when it jammed.  Big nerd.

Last night we had a great meeting with a prospective playground designer.  He came to the house… on his motorcycle… hired.  He has designed some pretty great spaces, but is now branching off on his own.  That hits close to home, so besides that fact that he’s super talented, he’s got the same spirit as us.  I’d tell you all about the playground, but I’m scared you’d start lining up on the sidewalk for our opening.  Trust me, Santa Monica doesn’t take well to camping out.  I’d really like to just list the things we’re going to have, but it might be better to just let you see it when it’s done.  Saves me having to worry about you being outside for another month, too.  Anyway, point is, good guy, good ideas, and good approach.  Killer playground.  No lines.

This Saturday from 6-9, the Piper Crew will be at the Santa Monica street-festival-fair-shopping-block-party-guy.  Pretty sure Crys bought a bunch of food and goodies for everyone.  We’ll be at 2525 Main Street.  Stop by.  Say hello.  Take a hug.  Give a hug.  We’re also collecting for our Westside Children’s toy drive that night.  So, if you’d like to contribute, bring a new unwrapped toy… or 2… or 17.  We’ll also be live Tweeting a fake fight with carolers around 7:15.  Should be good.  They fight dirty.

Follow us on Twitter.  Like us on Facebook.  Go to a Volcano Choir concert… this January at The Fonda.  Have we mentioned that when you sign-up for our Parenting Program, you’re automatically in Preschool?  Yeah, that’s right.

Today, we were witness to a pretty big pool of supporters… like coming-out-of-the-woodwork.  All I can say is thank you.  I feel like I’ve said it a million times, but having a bit of validation for our efforts carries us like you’ll never know.  You all and your kids are the reason we get out of bed.  It’s the reason we press on.  Piper’s community is going to be ridiculous.  We’re not even open yet and it is already.  So, again and again and again, thank you.

This past week has also been heavy.  Typically, the most unfortunate things in life are the ones that are cause for the greatest reflection.  It’s those times when everything, if even for a moment, snaps into focus.  You come to realize what is important, what is valuable, and what is pure.  Today, a great leader passed on.  Last Saturday, a great humanitarian.  Whatever your take on life, love, and compassion, these are the times that end up shaking a collective world awake.  Being sad goes without saying.  Being inspired to become a better influence should be our goal.  Life is precious.  Our time is meaningful.  Our positive impact on others is critical.  Live like you need to tell the story later.  No regrets.  Don’t stop.